Monday, March 7, 2011

My Best Old Man

It has been four long months since I saw you. I miss you. I miss you that it hurts remembering you. That it hurts going home and knowing I can't see you anymore. I succumb to this grief knowing that somehow I'll be able to get over this feeling.
Now is the third month. Time runs. Though the wounds may have healed already,you are still the fresh scar that pains me. I never had the chance to say goodbye when I was leaving home. I never realized that you'll be leaving us already. We had plans - plans with you in it. How can we do those without you? I wanted to see you alive even just for the last time. To hold you and thank you for being more than just my grandfather but our father-figure, for teaching us the values we never should have learnt without you. I wish you could go back here. Be with us in the moment that you are looking forward to. I hope you could give me tears that are enough to wash all the sorrow away. Till everything fades, till everything is forgotten.

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