Thursday, January 8, 2009

Til Death Do Love Birds Part

December 31, 2008 (morning) - we woke up and found blood shed all over the tiles. Feathers were found everywhere. Early morning cheerful chirping were almost not heard. Instead, little voices from our two love bird cages caught our attention. Almost dying, obviously in pain - these were what flashed our sights. Grievous, dreadful - a tearful sight was seen. Truly, no one would wish to see a scene as cruel as that. One in each pair of our new two pairs of lovebirds were attacked by rats (who would have thought that those pests will attack our birds). We applied first aid to the injured birds while waiting for my tito, who is a vet, to arrive. About 9 o'clock, i assisted Tito Jun in the operation. The left wing of the Gray one was fractured and the connective nerves were cut. There was no chance to suture the wing since the injury was very ferocious. The chance of its survival is 80-20. 80 for death, 20 for survival. The only way to prolong its life was by amputating its wing. While cutting the left wing which is barely connected to a few tissues, I can almost feel the pain that the gray bird was feeling.

After the surgery, we applied medicine to the wound to avoid infection and bleeding. The second injured bird (the green with blue one) also had a fractured wing. We just applied wing brace and medicine on the wound. However, the chance of its survival was also not assured.
December 31, 2008 (afternoon) - as predicted, the gray one past away. It was found lying on the cage, eyes open. The painful part was not really the death of the bird because we already expected it to happen. It was the part when its pair, the yellow one, was jumping and chirping all over the cage... maybe it was asking for help... asking for us to try reviving his partner.
Maybe I am just being melodramatic, but from what i know, love birds don't exist alone. They need their pairs in order to survive. I really took pity for it... exaggerated but I really could not look at it...could not even bury the bird I first had surgery on.

In my whole 2008, that was the most tragic part that happened. Now, who am i to blame in that incident, of course, the RATS! I really hate every single species of rats in the world. No, i hate all rodents in the world - every single species in their family.Even those who look like one.
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