Food Trips

I've had random posts on food blogging but since I'm trying to organize my site (actually, I'm considering changing my blog site but I opt to stick with blogspot), I just made a separate page for my food trips.

Question: How can I put different entries on this page? I really don't know how. Haha.


Upon deciding to have a formal page for food blogging, I planned what place am I planning to visit first. Since right now, I live in Mandaluyong, I would want to explore the food in the vicinity.
Saturday morning and I felt a little bit homesick so I felt like having the breakfast I eat whenever I'm home in Bicol. I found the perfect place - the Tsoko Nut Batirol. It is just located at the Worldwide Corporate Center at Shaw. It is actually across Starmall Crossing. I preferred to go to that branch since it is, again, near my place.
When I got there, I was looking for, of course, hot tsokolate and native food bibingka topped with red eggs but since it wasn't available, I just ordered tsokolate ah batirol and suman sa mangga. They are delicious! My roommate tried the suman sa latik. It tastes good also but it was so sweet.
Suman sa mangga
Tsokolate Ah Batirol
Suman sa Latik
The food actually satisfied my cravings. I loved that breakfast. 

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