Monday, July 27, 2009

Some thoughts i ought to tell..

I want to believe that all girls have wished their own happy ending in a way or another. i want to believe that all of us are willing to give their best if not their all to have the one they first set their eyes on. I want to believe that all of these will soon happen... but i want to believe that all this illusion will not stay as illusion forever.

When i was a kid, i remembered the feeling of skipping a heartbeat, stopping the time, the idea of being drawn to your object but you really are moving away form it, the shiver and shaking of hands while stuttering. At that time, i proved that those crazy things are not just on the wide-screen but also in reality.

But the real feeling starts when you find yourself completely in love with the person who is far from the things you ought to like, love, and most of all, valued... far more than you could imagine, more than what you could give or do.

This is when it hits you, ideal things doesn't have to happen all the time. All it has to give you is some outline or sort of concept map in order to preserve yourself for someone who will be the one you could consider far from what you like, but he who is far more than worth everything.
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