Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ungrateful Person!!

I felt sad upon reading this. If this article's not a fiction, I would want to curse this person! Did he not learn about respecting his own parents?! How he treated his mom is unforgivable. May his conscience kill him slowly.

From Hiphop Abs To Yoga

I have never been conscious about my tummy. I had a 23 waist line before I entered college. It turned 24, which was and still the perfect waist line for every lady. Then now, it is 28 inches and counting. How will I not have that waist line if all I do in the office is eat and work (so that means sitting in front of a laptop or reading books and manuals while sitting).
I eat a lot of carbs. I love rice, I think I can't live without it. But I never gained too much weight for I used to walk around the campus or engage myself into sports like basketball or even just jog around the oval of the campus'  Freedom Park. Now that I am not the athletic me, all that burned-not fats just go to my tummy. Haha.
Ranting about this may offend some people. Maybe some will say, "Shut up! I have a waist line of more than 30 inches whatever whatever.." but I, having a petite body type and a more than 27-inch waist line, should think of cutting it down to at most 26 inches. I tried playing basketball near the garage of my boarding house but if the son of the landlady won't be playing, I hesitate to borrow his ball so I usually end up lying on my bed and watching movies before and after eating my heavy dinner.
So, to end this dilemma, I downloaded HipHop Abs and Yoga lessons so assist me in achieving the body I want. I know this may take a lot of effort in practicing self-discipline but I thought about it thoroughly. 

If you wanna join me in my Yoga and Abs project, check out these links and download them using Mu Torrent:
(2) Yoga 1

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Random Shop of Random Thoughts

Last Saturday, since there's a sale at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall, we went there to look for the things we need to buy. This isn't about blogging what we bought but about a shop which happened to be an art exhibit. People were hesitant to not enter the said shop. Curious as we were, we dared to go in and asked the lady what that shop is about because if they really are selling two couches with pins and vandals, i don't think people will not be interested to buy them. *wink*
When we got inside, it was like a warp zone of self-expression. Like the place is a whole sketch pad where you can put anything you wanna draw and write. I'm not into art but I appreciate how the place is made. There was a box with a face drawing, a plastic mache, two vandalized couch with pins, a chip wrapper with erased letter, and more vandalized paintings and wall. Disclaimer: This entry isn't about me-interpreting-what-the-artist-had-done but me-narrating-and-posting-what-I've-seen. Haha.
The chip that says MOB not MOBY. This wall is like the one from a horror train station. :)
I find this drawing scary,actually.
It's a perverted funny drawing but since we're in an "art shop", it's a work of art.
This is a plastic mache of someone who hangs himself maybe because he has genital warts. eww.
The filthy couch with some wet paint.
I believe this is what the artists used.
The box, the drawing and the curious Asian. :)
I don't know what their art really is about. Though I signed in their visitor's book and put my blog address so that maybe if the artists happen to drop by, they would maybe explain it here. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Missing Micro Lab Work

Although my work is Microbiology-related, I haven't done much lab work that is why I quite miss it. Though choosing a marketing microbiology work is a personal choice, I am lucky that somehow I can experience a lab-related tasks whenever I miss it.
We visited the lab of a client which I would not name.  We were required to wear what's available in the closet like this big lab clean laboratory gown, a mask, a hairnet and a big Crocs. I know my feet are small so I didn't seem to choose a size that fits me. Oh well, what matters is we were completely sanitized so as not to contaminate their lab. I wouldn't mention all the things we did there but to name a few, I just did micro stuffs and at the same time, we taught them how to do it. 
I miss doing these things but what I don't like about it is the routine work that I beg to not be engaged to. Haha. I don't wanna stay in the laboratory all the time. So I guess I am really lucky to be having a work which fits my personality. :)

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