Friday, August 5, 2011

Missing Micro Lab Work

Although my work is Microbiology-related, I haven't done much lab work that is why I quite miss it. Though choosing a marketing microbiology work is a personal choice, I am lucky that somehow I can experience a lab-related tasks whenever I miss it.
We visited the lab of a client which I would not name.  We were required to wear what's available in the closet like this big lab clean laboratory gown, a mask, a hairnet and a big Crocs. I know my feet are small so I didn't seem to choose a size that fits me. Oh well, what matters is we were completely sanitized so as not to contaminate their lab. I wouldn't mention all the things we did there but to name a few, I just did micro stuffs and at the same time, we taught them how to do it. 
I miss doing these things but what I don't like about it is the routine work that I beg to not be engaged to. Haha. I don't wanna stay in the laboratory all the time. So I guess I am really lucky to be having a work which fits my personality. :)

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