Sunday, August 28, 2011

From Hiphop Abs To Yoga

I have never been conscious about my tummy. I had a 23 waist line before I entered college. It turned 24, which was and still the perfect waist line for every lady. Then now, it is 28 inches and counting. How will I not have that waist line if all I do in the office is eat and work (so that means sitting in front of a laptop or reading books and manuals while sitting).
I eat a lot of carbs. I love rice, I think I can't live without it. But I never gained too much weight for I used to walk around the campus or engage myself into sports like basketball or even just jog around the oval of the campus'  Freedom Park. Now that I am not the athletic me, all that burned-not fats just go to my tummy. Haha.
Ranting about this may offend some people. Maybe some will say, "Shut up! I have a waist line of more than 30 inches whatever whatever.." but I, having a petite body type and a more than 27-inch waist line, should think of cutting it down to at most 26 inches. I tried playing basketball near the garage of my boarding house but if the son of the landlady won't be playing, I hesitate to borrow his ball so I usually end up lying on my bed and watching movies before and after eating my heavy dinner.
So, to end this dilemma, I downloaded HipHop Abs and Yoga lessons so assist me in achieving the body I want. I know this may take a lot of effort in practicing self-discipline but I thought about it thoroughly. 

If you wanna join me in my Yoga and Abs project, check out these links and download them using Mu Torrent:
(2) Yoga 1

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