Saturday, June 20, 2009

mumbling #1

How can someone believe in love at first sight? How can you love a person the moment you see him? Is it possible?

Maybe it is... In the first place, movies such as Disney fairy tales and princesses will not be made if no one ever experienced it. But sometimes, I still think that they mistaken love for infatuation...Oh well, it is just a thought.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Walking Away

"Dogs... when they gonna die, they go away to do it."

I haven't read this statement before but i heard it in the movie, Marley and Me. I am not going to write a movie review about that this time. I am just hooked at the idea of getting-away-thing. I think, that kind of attitude which dogs have really fascinates me. It is easier for the ones to be left if the person who will leave them will not know about their absence. The only problem here is that, leaving is just making those people [who were left] wondering where they are, what are their reason(s) for doing such act, and worse... at some point, they will ask, was it because of them why they are alone right now?

Actually, for the ones left, it is not their fault. Maybe they are not meant to stay together forever... they are just not meant to be. Even those you wouldn't think of separating can be separated by death. When it comes to death and dying, when a person dies, he can be happy... but those who will be left will never feel the same. Never will there be a happy ending. Life is just like that. Fascinating. Unpredictable. Rude.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review of Green Street Hooligans

I am really not into action movies especially if I there are many movie options. However, yesterday was a totally different thing. The Green Street Hooligans, one of the action movies I've watched will make you feel a little crushed and a little sad. It is different from the other action/drama movies I watched before...
I usually don't cry over movies-- especially action movies. How on earth will you cry over some movie if the casts are manly, rude, and have destructive attitudes?? Well, that's what makes that movie different. It is about Hooligans-- a gang in London. Fan of a football team. Brutal people. They will be found fighting with other football fan gangs. What will touch you is the principles that their gang have. First is STAND YOUR GROUND. One should know his/her principles and should tick to it. No one should tell you what you should and should not do. If you think you are right on something, you stick to it. Don't turn your back on it. Reason out and fight, if needed. And second, LOYALTY. [Need not to explain much on this topic]

I have read reviews on this movie. Some say it is not a good one. Maybe they just cannot get the story. Hey, if they are after the real definition of the subculture of football gangs, maybe they should consult a dictionary or encyclopedia about it because they movie did not stick to the introduction of Hooligans (try watching Green Street 2. There, they said how the Hooligans originated.) Also, the movie is not about fighting-- alone. If you get into the deeper sense of the movie, the story tells you when to fight and when to run away. Make sins and know how to make amends. When to stand up for your rights. And most importantly, when to let go just to let things be right.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love and Microbiology

I would want to write something that would be of interest to everyone so the next time i will open my blog, i would see my visitors counter having 3 digits on it. Since i just add it up, just 3 digit number of visitors is all i ever wanted to have. Maybe for now.

Ok. Does it make sense? Nah. I dunno. Actually, i have nothing to share right now but a bunch of routine stuffs i did at the laboratory this whole afternoon. Routine, shall i say, because i have been doing the same thing for 3 months now. Plating. Isolating. Reisolatating. Decontaminating. Ok, did i say you should repeat reading from plating? Haha. At first, i was enjoying it, but now, i think after graduation, i don't wanna be stuck in that routine.

Why wasn't i not thinking about it when i choose this major? Well, because somehow, it is really interesting. Studying microorganisms, knowing them, liking them and then loving them. Then, having a stagnant relationship with the major... then worse, getting bored at it.

Suddenly, my thoughts starting to make a logic out of things. Haha. As usual, the very overrated topic that everyone is blabbing about: love. Hmm... Microbiology and love, how are they related?

Well, during isolation of different microorganisms, let's say... bacteria, they will grow in your media. Different colonies, different kinds, different appearance. Like love, you will have to meet different people. Then, among these people, there will be this someone who will make your heart skip a beat, make you catch your breath, make your palm sweat ( favorite line from UGLY BETTY!). so that feeling will be like a single colony of bacteria that will grow into a big one. It will then occupy the whole petri dish until such time that it will reach its maximum growth. Then, you are getting used to it that you can almost forget to reisolate it. It is like forgetting how to take care of it. That is why it will be contaminated. Here, contaminants is like other people who go into the scene. Occupying your role. Dominating the whole part. Then you are just there, you can't do anything about it. You can reisolate it, but you will rather not do it since everything will be such a waste of time...

Now, did i make any sense??

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Smoking Effect

Reds. Light. Menthol. Many names... Many kinds but all boiled down into one word: CIGARETTES. So far no studies show that smoking is beneficial to man (i haven't seen any, i guess). From those i have read, they say that cigarette is composed of poisonous ingredients. But still i cannot figure out why such thing is invented in the first place.

Most people I know who smoke have this common reasons:
- for fun
- it is cool
- they can't do anything
- smoking helps them forget their hunger (for those who are on diet)
- peer pressure
- it is addictive
- they want to know the smoke tricks

When they are smoking, most of them just look at the benefits and the satisfaction they get from it. What they don't know is that:
- their lungs deflate when they smoke
- they have a high risk of getting lung cancer, emphysema and other respiratory kind of diseases
- not only that, they can also have heart diseases
- or worse, they won't die but they will suffer the effects of it for a very long time.

This is a picture of a smoker's lungs (url:

See the difference? Healthy lungs is on the left side and the smoker's lungs is on the right.

Smoking not only affects the smokers but also the people around them. They said the people who are affected by the secondhand have higher risk of getting cancer than those who smoke.

So for those who smoke, don't be selfish! It is not your health that is more affected but those who are living a healthy life.
Thid is one funny prank of WOW MALI.

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