Monday, June 1, 2009

The Smoking Effect

Reds. Light. Menthol. Many names... Many kinds but all boiled down into one word: CIGARETTES. So far no studies show that smoking is beneficial to man (i haven't seen any, i guess). From those i have read, they say that cigarette is composed of poisonous ingredients. But still i cannot figure out why such thing is invented in the first place.

Most people I know who smoke have this common reasons:
- for fun
- it is cool
- they can't do anything
- smoking helps them forget their hunger (for those who are on diet)
- peer pressure
- it is addictive
- they want to know the smoke tricks

When they are smoking, most of them just look at the benefits and the satisfaction they get from it. What they don't know is that:
- their lungs deflate when they smoke
- they have a high risk of getting lung cancer, emphysema and other respiratory kind of diseases
- not only that, they can also have heart diseases
- or worse, they won't die but they will suffer the effects of it for a very long time.

This is a picture of a smoker's lungs (url:

See the difference? Healthy lungs is on the left side and the smoker's lungs is on the right.

Smoking not only affects the smokers but also the people around them. They said the people who are affected by the secondhand have higher risk of getting cancer than those who smoke.

So for those who smoke, don't be selfish! It is not your health that is more affected but those who are living a healthy life.

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hmmm my lola died at the age of 86, and she's a chain smoker. Never been diagnosed of any disease or never had a medication. I guess, I've learned smoking at a very young age because I grew up with a family or majority of them smokes. I learned from school that it is bad for our health but my elders never mentioned it to us :D

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