Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love and Microbiology

I would want to write something that would be of interest to everyone so the next time i will open my blog, i would see my visitors counter having 3 digits on it. Since i just add it up, just 3 digit number of visitors is all i ever wanted to have. Maybe for now.

Ok. Does it make sense? Nah. I dunno. Actually, i have nothing to share right now but a bunch of routine stuffs i did at the laboratory this whole afternoon. Routine, shall i say, because i have been doing the same thing for 3 months now. Plating. Isolating. Reisolatating. Decontaminating. Ok, did i say you should repeat reading from plating? Haha. At first, i was enjoying it, but now, i think after graduation, i don't wanna be stuck in that routine.

Why wasn't i not thinking about it when i choose this major? Well, because somehow, it is really interesting. Studying microorganisms, knowing them, liking them and then loving them. Then, having a stagnant relationship with the major... then worse, getting bored at it.

Suddenly, my thoughts starting to make a logic out of things. Haha. As usual, the very overrated topic that everyone is blabbing about: love. Hmm... Microbiology and love, how are they related?

Well, during isolation of different microorganisms, let's say... bacteria, they will grow in your media. Different colonies, different kinds, different appearance. Like love, you will have to meet different people. Then, among these people, there will be this someone who will make your heart skip a beat, make you catch your breath, make your palm sweat ( favorite line from UGLY BETTY!). so that feeling will be like a single colony of bacteria that will grow into a big one. It will then occupy the whole petri dish until such time that it will reach its maximum growth. Then, you are getting used to it that you can almost forget to reisolate it. It is like forgetting how to take care of it. That is why it will be contaminated. Here, contaminants is like other people who go into the scene. Occupying your role. Dominating the whole part. Then you are just there, you can't do anything about it. You can reisolate it, but you will rather not do it since everything will be such a waste of time...

Now, did i make any sense??

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