Friday, July 22, 2011

From Thai To Phil

I haven't encountered stress at work. These past few days were spend in going to different places. Of course, we did work-related stuffs at the same time, I get to enjoy the trip. I get to go to places I haven't been before, know and eat their delicacies, know road shortcuts, listen to radio stations (as tuned by our driver) that I never listened to ever and get to be given pasalubong by loyal clients. This week, we got two pasalubong from Thailand given by a boss and a client.  
They said that this is called Loc Chop.
This one is called Loc Chop according to our Thai client. But this was given by our boss who recently went to Thailand for business trip. He didn't know the name of this food so we asked our Thai client. This one tastes good. The outer mass has a gel-like consistency with a soft mashed something inside it which tastes I couldn't figure out.

The Thai client gave us the Mango Sheet. If your thinking it tastes like Dried Mangoes, well, I don't think it did. It is as sour as tamarind. Although it is mango, it tastes like tamarind candies. What I love about it is how thin every piece is. I don't wanna eat more of it but I just can't stop munching it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Christmas Song I've Heard This Year

Katy Perry's appearance on The Simpsons was unexpected. I love it. I just saw the commercial of the episode on Jack TV while watching Family Guy this morning. This news was so yesterday but I still love their spoof of 12 Days of Christmas, 39 Days of Christmas, because of the "something something". Since I am not an avid viewer of the said cartoon, funny and loser as it seems, I found the episode amusing. I've been so busy  that I haven't even have the time to sit on a comfy couch to watch any TV shows these past few weeks. And seeing Katy Perry and the rest of The Simpsons gang singing the first Christmas song I've ever heard this year made me feel excited for this coming Christmas season.

Friday, July 1, 2011

127 hours: Morbidity In Its Truest Sense

As I was browsing the movie list, I got curious about 127 hours which was directed by Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire. I never heard of it nor seen its trailer so I thought it was about rock climbing adventure. Adventurer as I am, I watched it in the hope of learning some rock climbing techniques. While watching it, I envied the scene wherein he with the two ladies let go between the rocks of Grand Canyon and ended up diving on a hidden oasis at the under  the two high rise boulders. I really wish I could go to that place and experience the thrill. However, as the movie progressed and the lead actor got his right arm stuck between the rocks, I had second thoughts of experiencing his adventure. Well, to cut the movie short, he decided to cut his stuck arm after a couple of days. [If I were him], I wouldn't wait that long specially if I know that I'm in the middle of nowhere and I wouldn't get help from anyone. 

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