Monday, May 30, 2011

West Visayas Adventure (Day1)

We were looking forward to this year's summer, not only for the exciting trip that awaits us but also to witness my former mousemate's (Kei Mamangun), wedding to her long time boyfriend, Wilson Sison. We've been waiting for promo ticket sales of different airlines, been busy saving up money for the event, and been readying ourselves for the most-awaited event of our summer 2011.
We left for Bacolod at 2:45 in the afternoon and arrived about an hour after the leaving Manila. So because of the Zest Air promo fare, I only spent around Php. 900.00 for my round trip ticket (Manila - Bacolod Silay Airport, vv) plus 400 airport tax (200 one way). 
Upon arrival at Silay Airport

This was taken while we were looking for the W+K bus.
 A bus waiting for us [Camp Kasal people] at the airport parking lot took us to Buenos Aires Mountain Resort where we checked in for the anticipated wedding. We had two long hours of tiring trip to Bago City because of the heavy traffic caused by the road construction. Unlike in Manila, most vehicles I saw were sugar cane trucks. I really felt that I was really in Negros since on our way were lots of sugar cane fields and we saw typical movie-like farmers manually carrying sugar canes to train carts. Also, this bus sign paved away my exhaustion.
Dinner was served when we got there. They called it "Welcome to Negros" dinner since dishes served were Negros delicacies like batchoy (noodle soup), kadios (black beans soup), apan-apan (veggie dish) and the famous inasal (grilled chicken). All dishes were delicious but I was really hooked at eating the batchoy and inasal. Yum! I slept really full that night. I forgot to take pictures of the food because of hunger. :))
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