Friday, February 29, 2008

I say..

"basta alam mong tama ka, wag kang magpapaapekto." this is what kei told me last night. Thanks Kei! tama ka talaga..

CARES. people care about people. when people care about you, they love you. but sometimes, they tend to care so much that they even forget to think if the person they're caring for still likes the attention they are giving. they tend to care so much that they even care for the things they shouldnt be caring about.
ADVICES.people give advice to people whom they think need it. but advices are just advices. it is never an SOP to follow the advice that was given to you. and sometimes, you appreciate an advice if the person who'll give it knows the whole story and not just mere gossips. you tend to appreciate an advice given by close friends or the people you really trust. for me, advices are better asked rather than given.
LOVE. when people love you, they dont hurt you. they know their boundaries. they know if they are needed or not. they dont just tell you things in a hurtful manner. they tend to feel what you are feeling. they say their comments in a way that you will realize your faults without even entertaining the idea of them-hurting-you.
ME. i am a bit sensitive. sometimes passive. a bit intolerable. seldom weak. oftentimes outgoing. super bit introvert. sometimes submissive. seldom self-centered. not always idealistic. often skeptical. a little bit gullible. often misunderstood. many description fits me. but still, even i cant understand who i really am. but i am certain that i know myself more than anyone else in this world.
OPINION. someone's opinion on what is right may not be right for others. no one is obliged to believe on the things other people are saying. it is a person's prerogative to refuse on someone's beliefs.
each of us has our own way of running our lives. if you think their ruining theirs, the least you can do is to let them be. afterall, i believe that no sane person will ever let their lives be miserable.
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