Friday, March 7, 2008

Being More Rather Than Having More

it is indeed a different kind of experience to teach basic reading lessons to a 16-year old guy. at first, i was really scared because eventhough i haven't seen him, i know for sure that he is bigger than i am. what really scared me is the fact that he is a special child. he is mentally retarded. he is 16 years old but his mind is for 4 year-old kids. before the start of his session, i really wanted to tell the supervisor that i can't handle him... but he said i should give it a try. as i was teaching him, i've seen that he is harmless and is eager to learn. right there and then, i realized that if i'll give up teaching him, maybe no one else would ever dare do that. maybe he had been through lots of tutors and they cannot take his case that's why they quit. if i will do the same, he would never learn. he would just be what he is right now.
why do i still teach him eventhough im not paid at a high rate? maybe i just wanna be more..not have more.

*haha.grabe, i never knew i'll have this kind of outlook on life*
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