Saturday, March 7, 2009

It worked!

I just got out of a fever. Then, I had an exam in this subject (which i prefer not to name). I crammed. I tried to study but I don't have enough notes (because i don't practice note-taking). All i had was this about-an-inch readings which i didn't manage to study because i did my ritual [the crying-coz-pressure-filled-my-system thing]. After the ritual, i studied, didn't somehow finish all of it because i fell asleep. Then the following morning, i realized that i was 1-hour late for my 1-hour exam. Darn it! So i spent my time thinking of what to do... and i came up with this equation:

Quake cake + Kisses = Excuse letter

Then i went to see a doctor and got an excuse letter with a note of "acute tonsilitis". I know induced my sickness (which is a very bad thing to do) but i got no choice and i don't wish to fail in that subject.
ok.. i am now ready accept negative criticisms.. :((
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