Friday, June 12, 2009

Walking Away

"Dogs... when they gonna die, they go away to do it."

I haven't read this statement before but i heard it in the movie, Marley and Me. I am not going to write a movie review about that this time. I am just hooked at the idea of getting-away-thing. I think, that kind of attitude which dogs have really fascinates me. It is easier for the ones to be left if the person who will leave them will not know about their absence. The only problem here is that, leaving is just making those people [who were left] wondering where they are, what are their reason(s) for doing such act, and worse... at some point, they will ask, was it because of them why they are alone right now?

Actually, for the ones left, it is not their fault. Maybe they are not meant to stay together forever... they are just not meant to be. Even those you wouldn't think of separating can be separated by death. When it comes to death and dying, when a person dies, he can be happy... but those who will be left will never feel the same. Never will there be a happy ending. Life is just like that. Fascinating. Unpredictable. Rude.

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