Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part I: A Review

I have read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series from the first book up to the last one (Breaking Dawn). Watching the movies and comparing them to the book was what I was doing eversince I first laid my eyes on them. Yesterday was the first day of that movie here in the Philippines so I bought myself a ticket not only because I loved the story of the last book but also, excited as I was, I wanted to know how Bella and Edward look on their wedding day. The trailer added my excitement for that movie:

I've watched the 8PM show. It ran for less than 2 hours and I shall say it was so far the most improved Twilight series movie because the effects were great. Among the things I loved were:
1) Bella Swan's wedding dress, if I would be marrying someone, I might pattern my dress to hers
2) the wedding setting, it was "magically amazing"
3) Bella's transformation into a vampire, how Edwards venom traveled into her system and transformed every piece of her into an immortal is impressive
4) Bella's Dad, his emotions is what every dad should feel on his daughter's big day. It was touching.
5) Jacob Black's act when he thought Bella died upon conceiving the baby
6) Isle Esme, the best rest house I've seen so far. I wanna go there!
7) The wolf transformation. Haha. It's cute.
Still, between the book and the movie, I vote for the book. People should read it before or after watching it so they can appreciate the real whole story. Some of the best parts were shortened and omitted in the movie. Hmm.. I think, Robert Pattinson should have given more emotions to Edward's reaction to Bella's pregnancy. I rate his acting as 6 out of 10. Bella, on the other hand, should have had a happier and excited reaction despite the fact that she should be a nervous-bride-walking-down-the-aisle. 
Who has a face like that on her wedding day?
The wedding gown would have been more gorgeous if she had a better aura. I love the dress but I think I love the wedding nightmare she had the night before their wedding more than the wedding day itself. Her reaction was really off. Their vows and how the director filmed it -- one of the best wedding vids I've watched (although I know it was just a movie).  I won't spoil the movie further. I can't wait for the second part!

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