Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eto Ang Gabing Di Malilimutan - Feb 17, 2011

When I learnt that Sugarfree would be playing at UPLB FebFair for the last time, I see to it that I won’t miss it.  The night seemed so long since I kept on waiting for their turn to play. To keep me from waiting, I just enjoyed the company of my friends and orgmates that night. Llendl and I were really having fun when she stopped to tell me that the host just called Sugarfree on stage. We screamed, ran as fast as we could since our booth is very far from the stage.  We ran, we almost hit the net of the paint ball area but we were tripped by the rope that was holding the net.  We didn't bother complaining about the hurt. What we cared about was getting near the stage to watch them for the very last time.

Jal on bass, Kaka on drums
Shiver, overwhelming happiness and sadness filled us. I tried to take a shot, just one shot but we were quite far from them because of the fence that surrounded the stage.  I persisted to go near them and I succeeded for I pleaded to the member of the host to let me take a video of the band, to just let me take that one last video.  Though it really wasn’t just “a video” but “videos”, he let me stay inside the restricted area. They started the concert with Mariposa, “Di mo lang alam, inaasam ang panahong makapiling ka sa una’t huling pagkakataon”. They were right; we’ve all been waiting for that moment for the last time. I realized it was worth it for (1) as Ebe was singing “Tulog Na”, he reached out to me and got my phone to take a video of his own view of the crowd (2) as Ebe was going back to the stage after going to the audience, I opened my arms to hug him, we all hugged him. It was all worth it simply because we were there for them for the last time, it was just a bonus that we were just a about a meter away from them.
The songs they played were nostalgic to me. Their songs used to be like time machine that sends me back to the moment it was happening. However, during that night, I wasn’t teleported; I was just there savouring the very small detail of their Elbi Farewell Concert, containing my saddest emotion for the band I love. I sang with them, cheered with the crowd for the last time. Burnout” was the last song they played. It was the perfect song to end the concert.  Although I didn’t manage to have a picture with Jal, Ebe and Kaka after the concert, the moment was still overwhelming. Oh kay tagal din kitang minahal at mamahalin, Sugarfree. 

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