Friday, March 4, 2011

Animated Yna

I stayed up late last night for I had an exam this morning in microbial genetics. Now, I am up again this late. I guess I have all the energy to stay up this long after sleeping my day off after that exam. I really want to go out to meet some friends but I decided to lie on my bed for the next couple of hours, hoping that this stiffed neck and aching back would be gone. Ironic as it may, I think I would feel a little relieved if I would be doing the same thing, that is, lying on my back AGAIN.

In order to make my time run faster, I decided to make a header for my roommate's blog. Here it is:

Since the width of this header is too long, I edited it again and came up to this one:
This is the second photo I have ever "vectorized". It took me almost three hours in making it. Credits to this online Photoshop tutorials I found! :)

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