Sunday, April 3, 2011

Biyaheng Laiya

Exploring a place I am planning to go to is kind of really hard especially if you hardly know people who live there or even know something about it. Searching google maps or some travel blogs may be the only useful sites you wanna rely on. So, I decided to make entries on my trips in the hope of helping other struggling explorers so they won't experience the same difficulty we've encountered in our exploration.

My first entry is Laiya. Since Laiya is so far the nearest beach in our campus (University of the Philippines Los Banos), our academic organization, Philobioscientia, The UPLB Life Science Society, often spend our sem ender at some resorts there. Laiya has a website and since it really is not a remote area as compared to other provinces, getting there would be really easy.

How to reach Laiya: 
Manila -> South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) -> Santo Tomas Batangas -> Star Tollway -> Lipa. 
Pass C.M Recto -> turn right at P. Torres -> turn left towards Padre Garcia Public Market -> right to Batangas Racing Circuit -> drive to the town of San Juan. Upon reaching Municipal Hall -> turn right for Laiya. There's a big sign so you will never get lost. Plus, the people are really kind so it is okay to ask them if you're not sure if you're on the right track.
road to Laiya

There are lots of resorts in that area so you may pick which resort suits your budget. During peak season, it is really recommended to contact the resort so you can have your reservation. During our Ecology class, we picked the cheapest resort as we just did water and microbial sampling in the site. We just rented a huts which cost around 500 pesos  so we can have a place to leave our things. From my opinion, the most comfy spot in that place is La Luz since it is far most  beach so if you want a noise free place, I prefer that resort although their accommodation is quite pricey. 

When I was with my orgmates, we checked in at Kabayan Resort. At that time they have two trailer vans as "cottage" which costs around 10-15k/van, i think. During my batchmate's party, we stayed at Tivona Beach Resort. You can google it if you want to know the updated info re: accommodation.
 Sunset at Laiya
Fishermen catch fishes and shrimps by 6pm
 You really can't enjoy swimming at sunset. There are fishes and shrimps at sunset that will sting your legs while swimming. So instead of swimming, might as well watch the fishermen and do some photoshoot as they do some strategic way of catching fish.

What else can you do at Laiya:
snokeling (50-100/head boat rental)
You can go to the part of the sea where you can find lots of jelly fish and hold one.
You can skim but bring your own board. Note: It is not a good place to skim due to coarse sand and waves.
You can also place beach volleyball, rugby (provided that you have your own ball). You can also rent a kayak. Hmmm.. well, that's it.  Happy reading. :D

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