Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'No Other Woman' Night Out

I went to Glorietta 4 to meet my high school friends and classmates, Ivy and Jecy, to watch the most talked about movie, No Other Woman staring Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, and Christine Reyes.

Since we will be meeting at around 7PM, I stayed late in the office to finish my reports and other stuff. I got there at a quarter before 7PM to meet Ivy who bought our movie tickets already since had the nearest office among us three (Jecy in BGC, me in Shaw). Jecy came minutes before the movie started.
The movie house was full so Ivy wasn't able to choose three adjacent seats for us. Jecy and I sat in the same row but we eventually sat together since the guy and I exchange seats while Ivy was two rows ahead of us. The movie wasn't heavy as other movies on adultery. The movie was rated R but sure has a lot of lessons to learn. Here's a list of my favorite lines:
1) Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, madaming snatcher, maagawan ka.
2) You will only be called a mistress when there’s an emotional attachment. I’m not a mistress.
3) You can call me whatever you want,SNAKE, BITCH or OTHER WOMAN, but I promise you, I will never be a PATHETIC and BORING housewife.
4) Sabi nila, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sa ganda mong yan, siguro madami kang alam na shortcuts.
5) Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters.
6) Kapag ang lalaki, maya't maya nagpalit ng babae, OK lang yun! Basta sayo umuuwi. Pero pag ang lalaki may suki nangkapit, dun ka na lumaban!

7) Pare-parehong puta lang yun! Ang mayaman bumibili ng hermes sa mall, ang mahirap bumibili ng hermes sa greenhills.
Actually, most of my favorite lines were the ones delivered by Carmi Martin. She was totally hilarious! 
Hmmm... Overall, the movie is really good! Anne Curtis, I can't believe she will be good in acting (as compared to her Chubi Del Rosario love team moments acting. LOL). Her acting scenes which I really love are: (a)when she went after Derek Ramsay and beg for him to not leave her; (b) when she had a catfight with Christine Reyes but she just let her spank her selflessly. I really took pity on her but she deserves it for having a relationship and falling in love with a married man. About Christine Reyes' acting, she is also good, except for the most dramatic part, when she told her husband that Anne told her they are having an affair, which turned out to be a laughing stock in the movie house because her voice is so deep like it underwent a vocoder editing or something. Haha. And compared to Anne's english, hers was not that ok, especially when she said this (refer to the italicized phrase):
       Charmaine: Why don’t you have dinner with us tonight, pa thank you ko na rin dahil 
                         kinuha mo ang asawa ko.
      Kara: I’m sorry?
      Charmaine: Bilang supplier ng furniture para sa resort niyo.

I think it would be better if she said it in Filipino because there's something wrong with the delivery of words. Haha. But still, I love that movie. Nice bods, nice lines, great story. I just hope the writer could have not only focused on the adultery case but also to Derek's relation with his father which was left hanging.

After the movie, we headed to Starbucks to catch up on each other's lives. I missed them. I just hope our friends who were supposed to be with us that night should have told us they weren't coming but we still had fun though. 
Our only picture. Blurred pa!
Next movie project: Private Benjamin! Haha

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